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Why to choose Gold Center?

"Whether you are just a beginner or a veteran trading in Gold, you'll find Gold Center tremendously comfortable to use.

Our mission at Gold Center is to make it possible for anyone to become a Gold Trading expert by providing a RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Platform that is easy to use. All of this, while also adhering to the highest compliance and cyber-security standards to protect customers and their Gold-assets.

Gold Center has a variety of advantages that make it the best place to start trading

Easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your Gold portfolio

Safe and Secure

Easy to Use

User friendly platform built for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Our simple, intuitive and user-friendly platform will empower you to trade like an expert.

Instant Exchange

Protected by insurance

Our Cold wallets are secured by 100% insurance against cyber thefts. We have partnered with the Global leader in custodial service, Bitgo, to ensure insurance protection to your investments.

World Coverage

Powerful order processing engine

Our High-Speed Trade engine and our state of the art platform architecture is capable of handling millions of concurrent transactions.

Mobile Apps

Superfast KYC

You would have never experienced a faster KYC process than at Gold Center. Most of the KYCs are processed in less than 10 minutes.

Strong Network

Best Customer Support

We are a bunch of humans who care for our customers a lot. We ensure instant resolution through our Multi-Channel Support ( Live Chat, Phone, Email and Ticketing system)

Margin Trading

Best Rates

Our deep liquidity ensures that you get the best rates in the market. This coupled with lowest fees and free INR deposit and withdrawal makes Gold Center your preferred destination to trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

es Bitcoin is legal in India. The Supreme Court of India, Reserve Bank, Ministry of Finance have confirmed Bitcoin is legal in many forums (I, II, III). Hence you can Buy, Hodl, Trade, Sell Bitcoins at Gold Center without fear. I - II - III -
Gold is a digital and global money system currency. It allows people to send or receive money across the internet, even to someone they don't know or don't trust. It makes sending and story money as simple as sending an email. Some people term it as digital gold or millennial gold. It is a scarce, digital, trustless, stateless, universal, divisible, durable, verifiable, portable, unseizable, and programmable store of value. You can use our One-click buy or Orderbook option to purchase Bitcoin.
Gold Center supports wide number of coins like Gold.
You can register with Gold Center and get EMI GOLD by referring users to Gold Center. Claim your referral code by completing the KYC (Gold You will be earning upto 100% of the commission paid by the users along with free coupons for every referral.
Gold Center wallets are secured with military grade security. Additionally, vast majority of our assets are stored in a secure cold wallet that is 100% insured. So you have no reason to worry about the safety of your assets stored with us.
To make it easy for new users, at Gold Center you can buy and sell for as little as Rs.1.